'Theatrical Syndrome' Regional Festival

Year 2010

Project description

The 'Theatrical Syndrome' Festival is a large-scale theatre project organised by the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation.

The Aims of the Project:

- resolving the problem of cultural and informational isolation of Russia's Regions, and their integration into the entirety of the cultural process in Russia

- bringing the latest trends in contemporary theatre to people who dwell in Russia's Regions

The Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation promotes the 'Theatrical Syndrome' Festival under the slogan “an incurable love for theatre”, offering audiences not only a chance to see the very best performances of Russian and foreign theatre troupes, but also tackling a more global challenge – to 'infect' audiences with this strong urge. When setting up the program of the Festival, which includes performances for all kinds of different audiences, and contemporary interpretations of theatrical classics alongside the most modern of contemporary performances, a valuable approach has been in booking shows which not only reflect the current tendencies in European theatre, but which also fit the requirements of family viewing to the full. In fact one of the conditions for the existence of the cultural industry are viewers brought up on high-quality examples of contemporary art – and the creation of a new generation of tuned-in viewers is one of the issues that most greatly concerns the Foundation in this project.