Year 2011

Project description

International Project of the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation

The support program for the translation of Russian fiction, poetry and non-fiction focuses on the financial support of translations of Russian texts in the liberal arts (history, philosophy, political science, sociology etc), as well as works of classic and contemporary fiction,poetry and children's literature.

Preference is given to intellectual, experimental and innovative works of contemporary Russian authors, as well as works of classic literature never previously translated and little known outside Russia.

The program offers the following kinds of support:
For fiction and poetry:
- full or partial acquisition of rights;
- full or partial payment for translation;
For non-fiction:
- full or partial acquisition of rights;
- full or partial payment for translation;
- partial payment of the editorial and printing expenses for the publication.
The decision to subsidize the publication of a work, and also the decision of the type of support, is taken by an independent board of experts.

Required documents. In order to participate in the program the publisher must supply:
-a completed grant application form,
-information about the publisher,
- thorough price breakdown for the publication,
- a short explanation of the choice of work
- a curriculum vitae of the translator.
Applicationwith documentsmust be submitted at least6 months before the estimated date of publication.

APPLICATION FORM for fiction publication projects (to download)
APPLICATION FORM for non-fiction publication projects (to download)

***Please do not transfer application form to the .pdf

All these documents should be sent to the following e-mail address:

Postal address for documents (with note «TRANSCRIPT»): Russia,123104, Moscow, verskoy Bulvar 13, bldg 1. (only for the materials, which cannot be sent by e-mail).

Applications are accepted from publishers throughout the calendar year.
Meetings of the board are heldfour timesa year:
Publishers are informed of the decision of the board no later thanone month after the application has been reviewed.
If the application is approved, the publisher should provide the program with the following documents:
-a signed copy of the contract with the rights holder (or a signed option contract);
-a signed copy of the contract with the translator;
-a thorough breakdown of expenses for the publication.
Then the program will conclude an agreement with the publisher.

Support procedure:
When paying for acquiring the rights, translation and/or editorial and typographical expenses, the relevant funds are transferred to the publisher as soon as the contract is signed.
The project is considered complete when ten copies of the work are presented by the publisher.

The programwas launchedin January 15, 2009.

Send us your questions to:
(contact person – Irina Moglovets).