NOS Literary Prize


1. The winner of the Prize will receive a reward in the amount of 700 000 rubles and a statuette-symbol of the Prize.
If a work written in co-authorship becomes a Prize laureate, then the prize money is divided equally among the co-authors.

2. Each finalist who gets on the short list receives 40,000 rubles each.

3. "The Readers' Choice Prize" shall be awarded to the author of the work based on the results of voting on the Internet and is 200,000 rubles and a statuette .

4. "The Critical Community Prize" is awarded to the author of the work following the selection of professional critics and is 200,000 rubles and a statuette.

The Foundation compensates transportation expenses (travel) for the participants who entered the shortlist and the winner of Internet voting in case they come to Moscow for final debates from other cities / countries.